Caden John Dinosaur




Brittany Para


Lucy Tanner-Duckham


Stephanie Drake

'Cayden John loves dinosaurs. Join him on a journey through his imagination and discover dinos that STOMP, FLY and RAWR!

But Wait! Did you hear that? I think it’s Mommysaurus!

Will Cayden John Dinosaur answer his mom when she calls for him? Follow along on his adventure and help him learn how to respond to his name.'

Caden John Dinosaur forms part of a series of children's picture books featuring a child with autism and his family. Caden immerses himself in the world of make beleive, so too, will young readers. The messages are simple and fun. The Better Together series covers important topics in life such as friendship, relationships, emotions and social situations for children on the spectrum.

A wonderful project only made possible by Brittany Parra's story and the gorgeous illustrations of Lucy Tanner-Duckham.

Produced and design by Stephanie Drake
Written by Brittany Parra
Illustrated by Lucy Tanner-Duckham
Special Thanks to Shirley Yandell and Lori Querin