Can You Play Today?




Michael Arevalo


Jairalin Repalbor


Stephanie Drake

“Why can’t Dad play with us every day?” Mateo wonders. After an exciting day of games and activities, Rose, Alex, and Mateo can’t wait to spend another day with their dad. But something is different the next day, and dad may not be able to play. Dad has chronic pain, which sometimes makes it difficult for him to do the things he enjoys. But Rose and Alex know that with a little creativity and compassion, they can still have an awesome day together. 


This bilingual picture book was designed to aid the professional practice of Dr. Michael A. Arevalo - within his practice, he focuses on the psychological, social, cultural, and biological factors that go into clinical conditions including chronic pain, chronic illnesses, and sleep disorders.

Chronic pain affects the lives of millions of people across the world. Children can sometimes find it hard to understand how chronic pain affects their caregivers, but by talking about it, children can gain more of an understanding to help reduce fears. Can You Play Today? aims to offer the conversation starter for children who may be learning about a chronic condition.


Book Type:
Hardback, Paperback, Children's book, Illustrated picture book

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