Graphic Design

Graphic Design

With a strong understanding of artwork and graphic design, I utilise specific technical skills to produce high-quality finished products that retail in stores both nationally and across the globe. I can design across a wide spectrum of product formats from sticker & activity to mechanisms, picture flat titles, press outs, soundboards, and colouring books
My process utilises the Adobe Creative Suite as well as traditional media to create images and book layouts that meet professional industry standards. I am experienced in applying style guides to specific publication series or licensing work and meeting existing in-house specifications. Additionally, I am confident in supplying you with bespoke creative design solutions to your project no matter the size.


Text placement and art working for a cohesive story.

Image Formatting

Application of a consistent aesthetic across publications.

Design concepts

Creative, considered, and fun design to bring your idea to life.


Original Illustration

Published illustrator specialising in children’s artwork.



Skilled image editing, enhancement and integration.

Find an Artist

an Artist

Vector artwork or traditional watercolour let’s find an artist that you’ll love.


I am a published illustrator with a love for producing children’s imagery. I work in a digital format providing initial sketches, tightened drawings, and colour work. I have produced illustrations for picture flats, activity books, and middle-grade fiction.
I have a broad experience of working with a huge variety of illustrators and styles – I am comfortable briefing all range of mediums from vector artwork to traditional watercolour and all the styles in-between. If you have a style in mind, I can work closely with you and any professional collaborators to realise the vision you have for your project.
Already have your images or illustrations ready? No worries let’s see what you’ve got!
Once your artwork has been commissioned sometimes it needs a little tweaking and it isn’t always possible to go back to an illustrator with every amendment as a book develops. Images can require in-house art-working. As an experienced illustrator I can make these changes where required in a way that can enhance the image integration into the overall design and flow of the book.

Book Development

Book Development

A capable and creative pair of hands can help to better shape your publication. I can provide art briefing, picture references and scamped imagery in the planning stages of your publication so that that book includes the details needed to tell your story.
I have worked with a huge variety of illustrators and styles giving me considerable experience in briefing projects in a range of mediums from vector artwork to traditional watercolour.
Having a dedicated designer on-board before briefing illustrations has huge benefits for the final published book; it allows the pages in your book to be laid out ahead of commissioning so that the text and artwork flow in sync and produce a truly cohesive design. As your designer I can provide valuable art direction to images and help avoid the pitfalls of incorrect image placement that detracts away from your narrative – there’s nothing worse than a character falling in the binding gutter.
I can provide 3D mock-ups of your publication before your book even exists in the real world which can: allow you to see what the book may look like before a proof arrives, and secondly, give you the perfect sales material to promote your book.


From scamping sketches to full spread layouts and more.

Art Direction


Steering the creative process with storyboards, picture references and written art briefs.

Marketing Materials

3D digital mock-ups of your product before it’s even printed.

Let me help make your project come to life.

Let me help make your
project come to life.